About Gerber Berries

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Gerber Berries, Inc. is a family owned and operated U-Pick/We-Pick Strawberry patch. We are located in NW Iowa, near Larchwood, a quick 30 minute drive from Sioux Falls, SD. We offer a variety of fresh, juicy, delicious, and ripe strawberries. COME VISIT US and pick in our open sky country setting or purchase some of our pre-picked strawberries! Year round we also offer canned syrup & jam, and frozen sliced & sweetened strawberries.


To Pick in Our Patch

  • Complimentary containers are provided to pick into, you do NOT need to bring any.
  • NO MUD! We mulch between our strawberry rows. You may get wet from early morning dew or if it just rained but you should not get muddy!
  • Time: a 10 lb. flat will take approximately 20-30 minutes to pick.
  • Come prepared to savor the flavor of fresh from the patch strawberries. The taste can’t be beat and you can join us in our Strawberry Craze!
  • Pick strawberries by pinching the stem of the berry between your thumb and forefinger. This will prevent damage to both the fruit and the strawberry plant. Leaving the caps on helps your strawberries last longer.  When selecting berries look for the ones that are plump, firm, and well colored. These are the best for all your needs--freezing, preserving, or eating fresh!

To Purchase Pre-picked Strawberries

  • We will have pre-picked flats available to purchase any time.  You are always welcome to stop and get however many pounds of strawberries you would like!
  • Contact us ahead with your order and we will ensure that the quantity you would like is ready when you arrive!
  • Prepare yourself to crave the quality and taste of fresh, ripe from the patch Strawberries! Get ready for your view of store bought strawberries to be permanently changed!

Handling & Care of Fresh Strawberries

  • Strawberries are fully ripe at the time they are picked and do not continue to ripen after picking. They should have bright red color, natural shine and fresh looking green caps.
  • Strawberries are always best picked, prepared, and eaten in the same day.  With that being said, always refrigerate your strawberries immediately.  Berries should not be left at room temperature for more than a few hours.  Do not remove the caps or wash the berries until you are ready to use them. When caps are removed before use, the berries lose some of their moisture. Washing early tends to bruise them and the berries lose their freshness.
  • Remove any damaged strawberries. Store unwashed berries in a shallow container loosely covered with plastic wrap in the coldest part of your refrigerator for two to three days at most. Do not wash berries until ready to use.
  • Leave green caps on and wash berries under cool running water. Do not allow berries to set in water as they will lose color and flavor.
  • After washing, remove the green caps from berries with a light twist or with the point of a paring knife.



Credits for wooden background go to Sahlin Studio